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Alarm Analysis for Huawei MA5600 Series

When the Huawei MA5600T/MA5603T have the trouble, have you remember to analysis the alarms?
In facts, by analyzing alarms, causes of certain faults can be found, or a fault can be located by using alarm analysis together with other methods.
An alarm is an important prompt when a fault or an event occurs. When a fault occurs on the MA5600T/MA5603T, an alarm may be generated. Through the alarm management system, such as the NMS or the CLI, you can query alarms.
The alarm information includes the detailed description and the possible cause of a fault or an abnormality, and the troubleshooting advice. The alarm information involves aspects such as the hardware, link, service, and CPU usage. The information volume of the alarm information is large and complete, which is the important basis for fault analysis and location.
When a fault occurs in the system, check whether an alarm is generated in the system. If an alarm is generated, analyze the alarm associated with the fault, and then clear the alarm to rectify the fault by referring to Alarm and Event Reference.
For example, run the display alarm history command and display event history command to query the critical alarms. A "system resource is exhausted" alarm is in these alarms, and a suggestion of "decrease system load" is displayed.
Hope can you help you when you used the Huawei MA5600 series products.

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