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Five Tips for Getting the Best Price When Shopping Online: Tip #3

When you're shopping online do you search for coupon codes, promo codes or brand name codes?

You may think you've found  a great steal when you search for "product + coupon code" and come across a 10 percent off code, but be careful. 

If you take a few extra steps to also search "product + promo code" AND "product + brand name code" you can often get triple the results! This alone can dramatically increase your possibilities of finding the best discount codes.


Tip #3. Search Smarter

Online stores are constantly competing to get the highest rank for the most searched product phrases. With long-established domains names dominating the top traffic results, other stores with similar (and often better discounts) will not immediately show up with one standard search phrase.

Try this to get more results:

  • Increase the search phrases you use for a discount code and you'll receive more options.
    Go to and and type what you're looking for into their search areas at the top of the page.

    A list of other search categories will appear. Add these to your search criteria and you'll get more results.
  • Perform anonymous searches on Amazon, Google, eBay, or any retailer site you're visiting. However, note that retailer's search engines tend to deliver products suggestions and results based on your past browsing.
    To avoid this for your "anonymous searches", log out of Google and any retailer sites on which you're searching BEFORE performing product price searches.

    This will give you more results and hopefully better coupon codes, promo codes or brand name codes.
    Combined with the other tips in this series, looking for coupon codes, promo codes or brand name codes is most certainly a good way to make sure you're getting the best price when shopping online.

    ==>Use the suggestions in this post to get maximum results in your searches.
Check back in a few days for Tip #4. I would appreciate your feedback on if you are finding this series of tips to be helpful.

Thanks very much for visiting!

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