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Five Tips for Getting the Best Price When Shopping Online: Tip #2


Understanding how merchants market their products is an important part of making sure you're getting the best price when shopping online.

The language they use in their advertising and promotions is designed to tempt you into making a purchase.


This tip is about changing you think about sales, special promotions and discounts.

Tip# 2: Revise How You View Sales

As I mentioned above, most product language is phrased to tempt you into making a purchase that most benefits the retailer. You need to learn to look beyond the sales, promotion or discount tag-lines and you'll often discover two hidden deals.
"New Product Available Today" =
"Older Model Available Tomorrow At Lower Price"

With any product upgrade announcement or new model release, prices will more times than not be slashed on current models. 
While merchants are bragging about their latest and greatest product (of course at full retail price) this is precisely when prices are more often than not cut on the older model. 

If you don't need the latest release (and you usually don't), you'll find unpublicized price cuts hiding in plain sight.

"Special Low Holiday Sale Price" =
"Lower Post-Holiday Sales Price Coming Soon"

Holiday sales prices can be amazing, in fact so amazing that we have a series of carefully crafted holiday sales events throughout the year (e.g. Mother's Day, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Labor Day, etc., etc.)

But once the hype surrounding these events is over and shoppers  have spent their money, retailers are often left with an excess of products. Guess what happens to them? BINGO! They head straight to the clearance bin. Now granted, this may not be the most convenient time to buy, but if you can wait until after major shopping holidays, you'll often see equal if not better clearance prices emerge.

==>SO, if you want to insure you get the best price on your online
        shopping, learn to read between the lines of special sales,
        promotions and discounts.

Be sure to come back in a couple of days for Tip #3. I'd also appreciate you feedback on what I written to far.

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