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Five Tips for Getting the Best Price When Shopping Online: Tip #1

This is the first of five blog posts dealing with getting the best price, every time when you're shopping online. The posts are based on an article which appeared in PC magazine.

It's not easy being an online shopper. It seems like every couple of weeks a new 
shopping app or a new comparision website comes along pledging to make  
sure you're getting the "best price".But have you noticed they somehow don't deliver on their promises?

There's more to finding the best price online than shopping apps or comparison websites, although they can be useful if you understand their limits. However, the key to finding the best price online is rolling up your sleeves and utilizing some strategies of the trade.

Tip #1: Know When to Buy

As a general rule you should buy for others early, and buy at peak times for youself.
When shopping for others, the longer you wait to make a purchase the more likely it is that you will pay more. WHY?
  • Because waiting until the last minute to buy a specific gift may force you to buy it anywhere you can find it, regardless of price. 
  • Buying last minute also means you're likely to pay higher shipping fees, especially in peak holiday season when there's no flexibility in delivery dates.

    ==>Shop for others early and you'll enjoy the flexibility to search and wait for the best possible price.

When you shop for yourself you should buy at peak times. WHY?

  • When it's you shopping for you, you generally have more flexibility in both what you buy and when it will be delivered.
  • Also, price cuts are commonly offered during undesirable shopping times and dates. When it's you shopping for you, you can wait for low prices to kick in and discounts to be offered.

    ==>Shop for yourself at peak times so you have the luxury of 
           waiting for the best price to appear.
Check back in a few days for Tip #2.

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