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Three animal images wearing a leotard (a giraffe, a Red Bull and a white cartoon image) asked the man, here there is no chicken to eat. (The answer is no: The official said that this is only a fish vegetarian festival.) Grabbed the hands of people who participate in the activities being charged iPhone, look carefully at the calendar of events. The festival will have a variety of activities, dancing, doing yoga, Artistic, attend workshops, watch performances, listen to lectures, and as well as like-minded truth seekers meet. Moby, Phantogram, and Pioneer circus Lucent Dossier, Polish Ambassador Band (Polish Ambassador) and Earth Harp Orchestra (Earth Harp) shared a stage 5 on the grounds. Participate in the activities of the poet, the Indian yogis, West African drums, as well as the gong masters, professional players and the hula hoop oil "Master." For those looking for a more open-minded people to experience, there are more than 100 workshops and seminars, content and organic foods (such as "Cheongdam-talk"), pharmaceutical plants (such as "Ganoderma and spiritual consciousness"), gender studies (Health women leaders arts) and sexual (such as Tantric lap dance workshops) and other topics related. People who had just arrived, 27-year-old Alicia Henry (Alicia Henry), she is a model and actress in Los Angeles. She was on a tree wearing a crown, stick close to the eyebrows, dressed Reviews in velvet, there are olive flavor and mini Thangka fringed kimono cards (Minnetonka) boots, lying on a hill is called meditation (Meditation Mountain) on under. In a group of friends from Venice, California, accompanied by a word she had repeated countless times, just to go to this festival:. "Open hearts, open thinking (Heart open, mind open)" she said, her come to bottle lightning, it is to find the "magic sacred experience." This is full of spirituality and personal growth of language, is now very common. "This is a safe area - where there is no trial, no criticism, no punishment," the founder of the festival's Deli Mu ยท Rockwell (Dream Rockwell) was very excited. When someone playing the ancient Australian instrument didgeridoo in the foreground, Germany Farm standing in the background. "Various forms of creativity are Real Customer Reviews welcome," Do not wear a shirt, no shoes, no service 'principle obviously does not apply here. "After all the publicity material of these festivals where it is not only a start in the woods dance party. "People are changed every year," the activities of another founder Jesse Fleming (Jesse Flemming) said. "They are completely harmonious relationship between man and man to each other completely stunned. They think, 'If 15,000 people gathered here could be so harmonious, why can not we at home so comfortable, not too blame'." Fleming said that this may sound a little hippie taste, "but the world needs a little something like this," he added, "may be less tie-dyed clothes and less patchouli essential oils." 49-year-old Mo La Malini Hoffman (Maura Malini Hoffman) is an executive at Procter & Gamble, so now spiritual lectures in the major festival activities. He is so looking at this issue: "The transformation is said to realize life than making money, have a good job, to fame and fortune more important things people come after each activity, their life becomes longer. not the same, they'll go back, they no longer eat McDonald's, watching TV. "even here, the pressure of consumerism still exists. This year, the organizers provide you with a luxurious "easy camp" option. The $ 2,500 package includes a modular tent, plush beds, private bathroom and more cool, power outlet, as well as side "thin mirror." It quickly sold out.

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