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while also constantly upgrading their will increase the area

At that time most Purple Prom Dresses of the wedding companies are in the form of mediation to prop rental business oriented. The Huangpu Liaoyuan say that, since the decision to enter an industry, in the beginning you should set for themselves a same purpose. In 2002, with the introduction, curtain, candle holders, champagne tower, arches and other concepts Shanghai wedding company in Nanjing new model wedding market is also becoming more common, Huangfu prairie drawing on these new models, while also constantly upgrading their will increase the area arranged wedding on six large, to ensure the unity of the whole wedding at the same time, we strive to do every aesthetic to create an area in the wedding. And focus on working closely with the then three King Kong, will serve as the primary purpose of the new good cause. Royal Wedding beginning to do three weddings, two of which are before the old customers florist, it is another relative's wedding, after three games before the wedding in strict accordance with the standards set finished, complete royal wedding in Cheap Prom Dresses Nanjing fire. Reception consecutive day dozens of the couple, three months after the order had to push, this situation occurs in the absence of any publicity, so Huangfu prairie did not predict. But is such initial insistence, more determined his choice is correct. If the prototype is the first to establish an important period of development of the wedding industry, then in 2009 with the Shanghai group of design, aesthetic, have insisted that there is a standard of the new company, is another round of market transformation and sublimation . The emergence of the new company, so feel Huangfu prairie wedding market diversification becomes more obvious, competition is more intense. In 2006, more than 20 companies and slowly develop into mid-level, in the form of enterprise market has become diverse. Pay attention to marketing company, take Vintage Prom Dresses the amount of the company, focusing on the management of the company, as well as to design winning company ...... As early as in 2005, Huangfu prairie realized that if you want to continue to maintain the operation, the industry needs to price increases. In August, the royal wedding that is realized every 3 months at 50% of the rate rise. In 2007, he embarked on a wedding planning, road-train service professional wedding consultant supervision, the new secretary, housekeeper and so on. Achieve Four Diamond Wedding agency collaboration and close-knit team, large selection of four partners, small wedding with live music by the Royal Wedding hand to control execution. And advertising agency services referenced way to re-establish a complete wedding service process, once launched, that is, by good market feedback. Finally, this prairie Mermaid Prom Dresses UK Huangfu service system is subdivided into 13 service step, formally implemented, and continue to use today. To avoid fatigue type operations, but also in order to ensure quality results, adhere to the royal wedding a wedding one day only. Pre wedding, they will coordinate the four main partners and planners conducted several brainstorming and in-depth communication. In each a wedding, the royal staff will arrange at least fifty or sixty people the full service, wedding services covering every region and in large and small details. The total budget of the wedding, the service accounted for half of its share, they are one of the few successful service charges wedding company, but also the minority all the wedding service, design, creativity, co-ordination, planning, implementation integration of the wedding company.

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