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wedding and event planner and owner of Bliss By Sam Weddings

Bridezillas" has been running since 2004 and airs on the WE cable television network."Say Yes to the Dress," on TLC,has been airing since 2007 and was so popular that it spun off another series,"Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta," which Reviews began running in 2010.And that just scratches the surface of what bridal television shows are out there or have aired over the years.So not surprisingly,these series are giving some brides and grooms unrealistic expectations of how their own weddings should go.If you're a fan of bridal shows,and you plan on getting married one day,here are some differences between reality and entertainment that you may want to consider before you tie the knot.What you're seeing on TV costs more than you think.This is probably the No.1 headache for wedding planners and anyone in the bridal industry.While some series,like "Say Yes to the Dress," are upfront about the costs that go into a wedding,most aren't,says Samantha Dockery,wedding and event planner and owner of Bliss By Sam Weddings and Occasions Planners in Chicago."These shows never tell people how much Real Customer Reviews items actually cost,so they see these grand ideas and think they can have it all for $10,000," says Dockery."So by the time they really come to me for planning expertise,they get sticker shock over and over again."Dockery says flowers and lighting,in particular,trip up a lot of couples.The reality shows have the wedding venues lit beautifully and perfectly,as befitting a television series watched by a national audience.Actual reality,unless one wants to bring in thousands of dollars of lighting equipment,can't quite match up."Even a simple arrangement of flowers will surprise someone," says Dockery."They'll see a simple arrangement of white flowers and think that it won't be more than $200,but they don't realize that these are orchids,and that one stem could be anywhere from $15 to $20,and if you want a whole arrangement,that's $400,without the cost of labor.There's the cost of labor,the delivery,the cost of the vase.

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