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online shopping is the most popular cosmetic product

It can keep you properly due to a data line and the adapter will not let them get messy scattered in your bag .00 Consumers will love this product, that is because it is a fun and practical accessories. "Wiseman VF said in constant currency basis revenue growth of 8% in the clothing industry is a good performance. "Although we have a good performance in September, but at the beginning of the quarter on sluggish growth. poor performance of the stock market our quarter performance is also affected. exchange rate factors will affect the performance of the quarter, this phenomenon will continue into the fourth quarter. "Wei Fu Group is expected to get 7.5% instead of 8% growth in currency-neutral basis in the first Third quarter negatively affected the foreign exchange fluctuations, the Group is taking countermeasures, and said full-year earnings per share compared with $ 3.08 in 2014, is expected to rise by 3% to $ 3.18 per share. recently, KPMG published a China's online shopping joint investigation consumption of 10,150 consumer survey results show that, thanks to the smart mobile phone penetration rate of sustained and rapid growth, China's consumption of luxury goods and mobile Internet has shown explosive growth potential. the report, "China online shopping consumers, "the survey found that 45 percent of respondents said they are mostly luxury goods through the network channels to purchase, and priced at 4200 yuan the following commodities, respondents said that the Internet can be assured of payment, compared to 2014 investigation of the amount of 1900 yuan "comfort line" a substantial increase of 121% compared with 2014 growth as well as the average consumption level, research shows that Chinese consumers online shopping spending increased by about 28% and an average per luxury consumption in 2300 yuan, while the main factors driving the network is still prices and discounts, but nearly one-third of the respondents once-price luxury goods online shopping, there are other factors that explain the beginning of the product, including product, uniqueness, Reviews etc. affecting consumption those buying behavior. the survey also found that online shopping is the most popular cosmetic product, followed by women's shoes, leather bags, women's and accessories. there are more and more Chinese consumers are willing to buy luxury goods through the network of most categories luxury. the average luxury consumer spending, including handbags, women, cosmetics, and many other categories have experienced growth, growth rates were 109%, 58% and 18%. and while the share of sales accounted for watches and jewelry online shopping luxury goods is relatively small but the larger the amount of consumption growth, wherein the amount of consumption growth reached 126% of watches, jewelry is 65%. Moreover, foreign net purchases of luxury goods to grow significantly, 48% of consumers in the past year had net purchases of overseas luxury product, which represents Missy Dress UK Feedbacks & Complaints two-thirds over the past year increased the number of foreign luxury goods online shopping. in addition to luxury, there are more and more consumers buy online luxury services, primarily online booking of hotels and restaurants, followed by domestic and foreign travel.

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