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now the major retailers on these two funds are placed in a transition

Minkoff will be available for consumers in February guide spring fashion show moves, Neiman Marcus, senior director, fashion director Ken Downing said: "I encourage advocacy strategy readjust fashion show, making it a major marketing campaign in history. fashion show Mermaid Prom Dresses UK aims to give buyers and media display product information for the next quarter. but technology has changed everything and completely within the industry. consumers are concerned about Instagram and Twitter, and watch live fashion show. when they saw clothing when they did not focus so much on the season itself. What they see, they will want to buy anything. "seasons, four seasons in everyone's mind has a corresponding pattern, each person has his own understanding of the seasons. Only one class of people is the exception, they are fashion. In this particular moment, the editors all expectation early autumn series designers from the perspective of retail sale. Early autumn series, as in the holiday series (spring series), the traditional spring and summer and autumn and winter series eclipsed March and September sale. For most people, the birth of this series is difficult to understand, they have no concept of early autumn. Early autumn? That should not be the summer it? wrong! Indeed, while early autumn series usually gradually listed in July at the store, but fur coats, plaid shirt, cashmere sweaters and other design shelves in recent weeks only. As to exactly why this series is called the shelves in November holiday series? In fact, it is because in the 1980s, many people will fly to warm place for the winter holidays, the brand in order to meet consumer demand for this type of holiday and launched a series. But you should find that, and now it has turned into another completely different look. In addition, Cheap Wedding Dresses anyone really need so many clothes? The answer is no, but the fashion industry you need to buy so many clothes, to say the least, you need to want to see these clothes. In the industrialized today, especially today's Internet age, people are fascinated by new things, and this few seasons, production design transition season clothes annually to create more brand news exposure. Senior vice president for New York-renowned luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman's Linda Fargo said:. "Today, more and more consumers shopping for low frequencies, and they prefer to shop online, or see different things in the mall." But , early spring and early autumn series has changed. They are no longer consumers wait to buy spring and summer or autumn and winter series, in order to attract the attention of derivatives, in fact, is now the major retailers on these two funds are placed in a transition season products. Fargo added: "You might put 70% -80% of the budget is on the series over, as compared to the traditional big show of the series, they are full price longer!" Is not all the problems are solved? And no, which blamed the fashion industry from the big show to store shelves five months period. Early spring and early autumn series than it did the traditional Fashion Week series come much simpler. From design to sales display time difference is shorter, while also allowing the consumer before the tired, have a longer time to full-price sales. That being said, like such a big Dior Chanel, Gucci, LV also organized a grand series of early spring early autumn big show, a big show of the same tradition and launched a number of designs. Such as Chanel, in Rome early autumn this year launched a big show of nearly 100 styling, so the previously mentioned change in the product cycle is likely to be achieved.

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