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not to spend too much time and energy on any one topic

Life of Ten powerless to do: 1, Backward your wall. 2, away from you people. 3, the passage of time. 4, no choice of origin. 5, inexplicable - alone. 6, helpless forgotten. 7, always in the past. 8, the ridicule of others. 9, the inevitable death. 10, hopeless love. - Stupid love wholesale out alone "Let love fill my time," the brute force; retail smart people love to go out, and know how to "love a little bit," the exquisite. - Friendship, love, marriage is like a road paved with concrete, to set aside a section of the barrier Vintage Prom Dresses gap kept a little distance. Without leaving gaps, the road will soon be expanded, broken. - Money is a quite divine magic mirror, the villain, in front of it are hypocrites betrays itself; love is a superb way of make-up artist, lover, young people are affected by it radiant. - The heart is a two-bedroom house, a suffering lived, lived a happy; proud when people can not laugh too loud, or will wake next to the pain. - When the Earth to turn 180 degrees during the day will become night; when the earth continues to turn 180 degrees, night and day recovery. When we turn 180 degrees for one person, we are back to their own sigh; when once again we have to own 180-degree turn, in fact, everything can start again! - Everyone had a bite of the apple of God, is flawed! Some people defect is relatively large, it is because God's special love him (her) fragrance! - Love is zero ice, friendship is zero water, maybe we are the best ice-water mixture. After coming together, warming, into the friendship of water; cool, love ice form. Neither hot nor cold room is the love and friendship ambiguous - In fact, the beautiful stories are never ending, just because it will not end so beautiful. It's like why the tragedy than comedy is always more memorable, also, as people are always looking for true love, but often rub shoulders away, away from love is not of this era, but people are beginning ever thought of using a steadfast heart to warm another heart, not love is no longer eternal, but impetuous and fickle heart! - I thought one day I would love to completely forget, will you forget, however, suddenly one day, I heard an old song, my tears down, because Cheap Prom Dresses Online this song, we were heard. - Many times because we are not settled, I want to get married; but could not settle down with someone, so just want to get married. - When in love, couples often lamented last generation product of what Germany; after marriage, couples often suspect previous life made what sin - Love is like sand in the hand grip, the more tight grip deliberately, the loss of the faster! - The same bottle of water, convenience store and two dollars, 30 five-star hotel actually. In many cases, a person's value depends on location. - Please thank people who hurt you, because he honed your mind! Please thank your trip, because he strengthens your legs! Please thank deceive you, because he has enhanced your wisdom! Please thank your contempt, because he awakening your self-esteem! Please thank those who abandoned you, because he taught you the independence! - In life there are some people rub shoulders with us, and did not have time met; met, did not have time acquaintance; met, and did not have time familiar; familiar, but still want to say goodbye. - Philosophers worry, wise man always happy, not because all they have loved, but to have everything they love. - One foot flat the violet, violet scent yet to stay in that foot, which is forgiveness. - Never think that someone else's husband or wife than their own good, not because they love you. - True love is not that you know he (she) how good was to be together; but knowing that he (she) has too many bad or do not want to leave. - Nostalgia, not because of how good that era, but at that time, you're young. - The feelings between two people is like knitting, stitch when established, be careful and lengthy, but only removed when gently pull. - Life questions, a total of four topics: academic, career, marriage, family. Average high to pass, not to spend too much time and energy on any one topic. - Happiness is not a fatal error was stifled, but is constantly repeated small mistake of a little broken down. - Our biggest rival is not a third party, but years. Woman's happiness lies in: he really loves me; man's happiness lies in: she deserves my love.

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