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honeysuckle juice wash and put on some records maintenance

In recent years, more and more Western and international beauty and skin care products from China have Taobao plants, herbs and oriental material, the injection products. Founder of natural skin care products "Fresh" of Russian nationality couples Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg love tea love tea developed a series of skin care products. They are particularly fond of one kind in the West in recent years, the health sector is an organic ram "Kombucha" (Kombucha), Lev claimed that after drinking more lively: "China from the Qin Dynasty began to drink this tea, it is believed that it has a therapeutic effect, can prolong life, my personal feeling after drinking is greatly increased strength, more energetic. "" Kombucha "is actually called Kombucha (also known Cheap Evening Dresses as mushroom tea), black tea and sugar is brewed from fermented, is a long history of folk tradition of acidic drinks, can be traced back to ancient China, the Chinese people have also called treasure, stomach Bao, a variety of skincare and health. Lev said: "We began to study the effect of black tea on the skin, not only kombucha, but the immersion into the world of tea, to study the use of advanced technology and unravel the mysteries of tea tea has high antioxidant ingredients. help detoxification, anti-aging, prevention of damage again, long-term use to achieve compaction effect. "" fresh "was founded in 1991, at that time due to stick with sugar, soybeans, roses and other fresh, natural skin care products and materials to manufacture create a precedent, which adhere to them by the LVMH group also favored the acquisition. Tea Blue Prom Dresses products made using their brand of faith consistent. Lev use black tea as the main active ingredient, developed a "Black Tea Age-Delay" mask, eye cream, serums, sun creams and the like. In addition, they also put lychee seed extract from southern China and rice peptides (rice peptide) into the product, the former has the effect of increasing the collagen, helps skin elasticity and smooth; the latter to activate skin cells, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles helpful. Not just Fresh, in recent years, more and more Western and international cosmetic and skin care products from China all have plants, herbaceous material in Taobao, injection products. Like the familiar barley (also known as Coix), soaked in water to drink on the cardiovascular, anti-tumor, lowering blood sugar helps, it also has the original whitening effect, it can slow down melanin production, and help fade freckles and reducing wrinkles. Barley extract can strengthen the skin's moisture barrier against external environmental aggression, skin care is being makes mistakes boon. Many brands such as expansive La Mer La Mer Whitening Essence, Japan KOSE Sekkisei gifted pure essence into the water, so barley extracts to help women round Snow White's dream. Honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, violet, blue sky sunflower, dandelion detoxify, have acne effect, "Royal incense hung in the balance recorded" Empress in there with honeysuckle honeysuckle juice wash and put on some records maintenance. Many modern Cream, Cream balance also Kampo extract honeysuckle and other herbs, to nourish balance effect. Popular cosmetic Benefit Pui Ling Fei like San Francisco's "dream Toner" (Woman Seeking Toner) fitting into Spiraea essence, help control oil and shine suppression, this product is only the beginning of the store only sold in Asia, but also to Western girls online to buy it. Korea upscale Yurong Mask Sulwhasoo brand also contains honeysuckle extract, deep clean the oil control has reached more than balanced effect. Wedding arrangements Rule number one: do not develop unrealistic weight loss plan bride are likely before the wedding because of tight schedules and anxiety in kilograms weeks thin out, so no need to arrange themselves in this last ditch effort to lose weight. Diet and make yourself exhausted, causes the body is too weak and can not meet the needs of the wedding and enjoy the wedding excitement. Suggest that a bride can choose for their current weight and stature, weight loss can not wear shiny wedding. Wedding arrangements Rule number two: to spend some details in very visible places wedding money, make the face of these things bursting your budget, you Long Prom Dresses UK need to think carefully, in the end they can bring something to the wedding?

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