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What do you think of the London scene right now?

The campaign is "a celebration of London's vibrant scene." What do you think of the London scene right now?
We're the main hub of multi-cultural creativity. We are the motherboard. We've been that since I was at school. Even when I travel the world, people still say things to me about race and I proper don't get it. I say to them, "When I was at school, they had 50 different nationalities and I had to learn all their surnames." New York, the youth of today, like A$AP Mob, The Zombies, Ratking - that's all gelling so well now. That's why I can chill with Ratking for High Low Prom Dresses a whole month and not feel out of place or doing anything that I wouldn't normally. When I first went to New York, all the Asians would hang around together, all the blacks, all the white people. Now they're being more open and not going with these old-skool ideologies and these boring old ancient ways any more. I feel that there's a real strong connection between the New York world and the London world. Everyone's really seeing eye-to-eye, because they're finally being as open-minded as we've been for all this time.

When you were growing up, who were your fashion idols?
When I was younger, my icons were all the old-skool street guys from where I live. They were all pulling up in flash cars and wearing new clothes, big chains, all the newest designers. They were the people who inspired me. Their influences must come from Jamaica, Africa, Cheap Prom Dresses old-skool kings. They were street guys just wearing jewels and looking nice. They always wanted to look nice. Being a London boy, walking around, I just saw it all. I've got the African side from my parents and I was really into Jamaican music a lot, so there's that side. And then being from London, you see how everyone fuses it together. I'm just a fan. Even music. I'm such a fan. I Prom Gowns Online Sale make it myself and I'm blessed enough that people are fans of what I make. When I was in GQ, I never thought that was going to happen. I'm just a fan of buying clothes. I count all this stuff as a blessing, because everyone's a fan of something, but they don't get that chance.

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