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Taste and care will always be necessary for the wedding

He almost all their time on the job, and take care of his wife together I FilmProductionStudio studio, Vincent first lasting bonds with the wedding industry but also because of his wife, "she previously served as production director in a TV column group, it is an integrated type advertising companies, usually will undertake a number of wedding business, "it was he saw in the booming wedding industry brought about by the huge space for development, and then in the form of studio to discuss his wife went to work. "My wife and I are Leo, character is very similar to a lot of time, we will look at the overall framework of a thing, as long as the big development in the right Vintage Prom Dresses direction, others we do not care too much, will always move forward." " turning point in life constituted by the many opportunities to seize these opportunities and stick with it will have limitless possibilities, but an opportunity to appear before you, you need to have the eye and a clear insight into the thinking when the pair state. "Vincent thought to do a cameraman for the mature, but also need to have a passion for creators, including the warm love of life, love of art, emotional insight. For the wedding industry, Vincent more to it as a hobby, rather than purely money-making tools. "It contains many things because of the humanities, when you and the client together, the most important is to give them a kind of spiritual joy, except for what you provide and pay for their peers, but also to they really feel a sense of film to Mermaid Prom Dresses 2016 bring happiness, so that the memories become more vivid, can actually feel the most real kind of power. "at the same time bring low-cost connectivity in the Internet age, it is also formed with Lee disadvantages, benefits that short period of time constitute the most efficient connection, the disadvantages that the information overload, too many choices, then put yourself in the right position to form their own exquisite, multiple unique quality positioning is very important. Taste and care will always be necessary for the wedding industry, with care, we can talk about quality. "Wedding industry is not the factory, as long as the process can make the product very well, it is human business, self-interested point of departure must be altruistic." Vincent good to find the balance point, he has been a win-win values ??upheld as early as 20Cheap Prom Dresses Online11, just to get involved in the wedding industry for rapid deepening his understanding of the industry, and cooperation to create a wedding fashion profile "micro-interview", a record is 36, set up columns for the people increased more wedding show their windows, but also for exchange and communication between peers provide convenient conditions. "How to shoot a good movie?" I asked. "A good film must be more than just shoot out, it is the result of good planning, precision process and then play out the idea of ??creation, but also the need for timely guidance out of the right way we in the film, when it will be done as an investment project. "Vincent will film usually some technical work to the team to do it, but the heart and soul of the work must have been created to control himself.

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