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Person's life can love more than one person

Love is not equivalent to the exchange, it is not fair chips, but it is like a balance, both ends of the weight range, it will tilt when the poor too much, it will lose focus. Someone Vintage Prom Dresses marriage siege, had very tired and exhausted, but there is a sense of responsibility and morality, they still decided to sustain; it was really found a home in the warm and happy marriage, maybe their life is not very rich, but it has the most valuable asset - from the heart happy. In fact, happiness is very simple, there is a saying: marriage need to operate. Indeed, good managers, they will harvest happiness; not good managers give only bitter fruit. This operation is the essence of the marriage of mutual understanding.

Love is a beautiful but perishable Epiphyllum, only with the heart to irrigate in order to open the fragrant flowers. Rene Liu in "Later," the lyrics sung extremely well, some people, once missed no longer. We sigh, "do not get the treasure, lost precious party know" while in Yan Shu, "Huan Xisha" in the phrase "rather than take pity in front of people," whether to give Mermaid Prom Dresses 2016 us profound enlightenment it? Trivial life often make us ignore our lover, we always find many reasons to defend themselves, to justify. Some people even make the hurt feelings of behavior, in addition to more than emotion, also are called: hi new Yanjiu.

Really love a person, can be selfless, but love is having exclusive from this perspective, love is selfish. Emotion Shigeyoshi man, it is impossible to love two people at the same time. Person's life can love more than one person, but that will not be on the same stage. For whatever reason, different stages may have different feelings, as long as our intention to treat, we can no regrets. Life can be boring, it can be interesting, it depends on our attitude towards life. Love is like a string of beads, a broken beads will turn out over the floor. Carefully nurtured, the beads will be brilliant light; casual, scattered beads will be Prom Dresses 2016 invisible. As mentioned in the story of the man, if he does not comprehend his wife's heart to love something, then he is not going to quit their favorite smoke.

I love, need to know, know how to care, understanding and considerate, but should know how to give everything for the love of all. Only know how to love better feelingly; only know how to love a warm gift to unlimited; only know that love can only experience the new site!

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