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Main collections become less relevant

What needs to change in the way the fashion system has been working in recent years?
Complexity. The fashion system has become unnecessarily complicated. 'Supply meets demand' is the basic rule of business that the whole industry seems to completely neglect. Overproduction is a huge issue. If something goes on sale it means it was overproduced and the overall supply needs to be reduced due to the lack of demand. Reducing the supply means reducing the turnover and making investors unhappy. One of the ways to keep investors happy is to create artificial markets. There are Prom Dresses 2016 dozens of amazing stores located in villages or small towns in Italy that have turnovers of €70-100 million a year. The merchandise goes straight to the black market and is being resold in Asia. The second scenario is opening dozens of mono-brand stores and selling to them directly as much merchandise as possible to increase the general turnover, regardless of whether the final consumer will ever make a purchase or not. To sum it up the scary reality of the industry today it's that two thirds of all the official numbers we read about are not real.

How would you in broad strokes sum up your recipe for a successful start to a young fashion business, and a healthier future for our industry?
To start any successful business it's important to be fully dedicated to what you do and honest to yourself. The main thing to figure out is whether the door you are trying to open is really the door you want to enter. To build a fashion business you need to have two heads: the creative head and the business head. People who think they can do both usually fail. It's like having a pair of shoes: with only one shoe, you won't go a long way. A healthier future for the industry is giving young generations a chance to bring it up to date to the current state of reality.When you founded Vetements two years ago, did you already have a detailed business strategy planned out and a vision of how you wanted to change the industry?
Once you start a business in your kitchen, changing the whole industry sounds cute. Our business strategy was to survive the first season. There has never been an evil master plan to change the industry. We just do what we love to do. Demna creates clothes and I strategise.

Last month you announced some major changes to the way Vetements will be presenting and selling its collections. What are the key points to this plan, and adopted by others, how will Cheap Prom Dresses Online it benefit the industry and its designers?
Today retailers spend seventy to eighty percent of their budgets on pre-collections. Main collections become less relevant. The reason for that is the delivery cycle. If production goes smoothly the collection shown in March gets delivered by the end of July. Different circumstances delay full deliveries to September or October, as factories go on holiday in August. The US retailers start sales right after Thanksgiving. Therefore main collections spend an average of eight weeks on the shop floors, in comparison to the 24 weeks the pre-collections sit there. Hence, bringing the main collections from March back to January will result in earlier deliveries and an extension of product shelf life by an additional sixteen weeks, or four months.

Taking the pressure off designers is a hot topic right now. What do you and Demna do to keep sane and not to overwork yourselves?
We definitely overwork, but in a good way. When you love what you do, it doesn't seem like an obstacle. The best way to keep sane is sometimes just to stay home and switch off the wifi.

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