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I believe what questions can not be stumped you

Love is a flower, marriage is a fruit,

Beautiful love, marriage benefits.

Not all flowers are the results, but all the fruit must have been spent.

Love is a book, do not turn the heart, you're not happy. Turn too hard, you will be painful.

Marriage is a picture, watch too close, too far away, the happiness index is not high, only to stand an appropriate distance, to see you happy.

Love needs purity, marriage requires containment. This is the key to a degree, extremes meet. No clean water to fish, Love asks too pure, true love will pass you by. Marriage is too lenient, it would be condoned, there is always one to suffer. Moderation, moderation, it is a learned skill. Deep, high learning.

Scorching love, marriage weary.

Love to Marriage coloring, make love marriage fade.

Store people love the passion, marriage consuming passion of love.

Love is thunder and lightning, rain marriage is a breeze.

Love is fresh seafood, marriage is commonplace.

Love is that good jade pondering marriage is the uncut Pu.

Marriage and love, sometimes hand in hand, sometimes enemies. We will be happy to join up, the enemies will Cheng Chou.

Marriage without love, certainly not happy, love without marriage, as no root of the tree, also can not flourish long.

Love, eager to enter the marriage bag. Marriage can be a bag, which is filled with too many things which a variable angular, put the love runs. Scrape. Fresh fruit such as love, not with care, it will mildew, will atrophy.

Love is like a mirage, a beautiful little unreal, and if love Epiphyllum, long wait only for this now, it seems that some worth. Just for this, but the White Snake Unreal waited for a thousand years. Cowherd Just for this unreal, how many years is still languishing Galaxy side, still happy with.

Some things in the world, it is very clear. Price of something, not necessarily valuable, valuable things, not necessarily price. Such as the sun, who can say how much a ray? Such as air, who can say how much money one? May all the earth, but also includes people who got it from the can, even a second effort. What can not use logic to thinking businessman. Such feelings.

For people, the situation is priceless, parent-child love, Nannvzhiqing, friends of friendship, their people more important than money, they can price is how much? It forcibly price, put it desecrated. If the money to deal with the situation, it should be done with caution. Money to promote love, love can also be corrupted. Use a good, money is inappropriate Angels, use, money is the devil.

Love, marriage, Variety is a math problem, it is a question not only varied, but also to a given problem. If you are not strong divergent thinking, if you extrapolate enough, it tends to become no solution, or even become a knot, on the contrary, it will look like a duck, all roads lead to Rome, accessible. For the same questions of Prom Gowns Online Sale different people, but also the shades, the difficulty is different, if you learn the rich five cars, I believe what questions can not be stumped you, if you only junior high school, even illiterate, then it is a lie in the mountain in front of you no matter how hard you try, you can only sigh Lookout mountain.

A drama that from love to marriage over, there are three essential things: feelings of love, the ability to love, the love of wisdom. But this three mountains, one higher than one, think about our physical strength, his life continues to climb vertical, you can climb several it? Relative marriage, love is easy, because to get him, just enough to get on the first mountain, and a happy marriage in order, you need to board the three mountains and two had received and in unison can be difficult . It's like Mencius said, not want, but Cheap Prom Dresses not the. Therefore, the most perfect love, marriage mostly improvise.

Although easy to love, marriage is not easy, and the line and pity.

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