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Retro Style Collection

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My RETRO-STYLE COLLECTION STORE offers an assortment of unique items at prices that will fit any budget or style. I’m not a professional collector or historian I just enjoy shopping! I find some of the most stunning treasures that I do not collect but just can’t pass up for one reason or another and these I want to pass them on to those who do. Customer service is very important to me so when my customers are happy with their purchase it just makes me as a seller very happy too. My sensible side keeps my spending in check, hubby, so as a self-professed shopaholic and DIY junky I did what any entrepreneur would do. (Hint)What do you get when a shopaholic DIY’er is put on a spending limit by hubby? A PROCURE-A-NEUR an entrepreneur that created a way to shop all day, eliminate my spending limit and then procured hubby to carry my purse! As I search for old collectibles I have found some might have lost their luster but can be restored to serve a new purpose in my home or maybe yours
"Customer service is very important, when my customers are happy it makes me as a seller very happy too!"
Name:Retro Style Collection
Location:64058, Missouri
United States