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The Kaudy Law Firm LLC

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The Kaudy Law Firm, LLC, provides comprehensive legal help to injury and property damage victims in Denver, Colorado, and throughout the state. Founder and attorney Richard Kaudy has extensive experience helping clients recover fair and just settlements and verdicts in cases concerning unreasonable, unfair and unlawful insurance company practices and behavior. Attorney Kaudy worked some 20 years in the insurance industry before forming his own firm seven years ago to focus efforts on helping policyholders and others fight insurance company abuses and substandard claims practices.
Their firm has extensive experience helping victims of crashes caused by drunk drivers, careless truckers, motorists or motorcyclists, even if the person was a pedestrian crossing the street. When others do not follow the rules and harm someone else, they ask juries and judges to enforce those rules and not shift the loss onto the backs of innocent people who never broke the rules in the first place.
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Name:The Kaudy Law Firm LLC
Location:Englewood, Colorado
United States
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