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we have a number of checks to imported clothing labels

Net profit rose 22.66 percent to $ 655 million, compared with $ 534 million, diluted earnings per share rose from $ 0.59 to $ 0.74 a year earlier, higher than the market expected $ 0.70. Gross margin reached 45.1%, 43.9% over the same period last year increased by 120 basis points. Nike on Thursday to close at $ 97.08, a New Balance 410 Womens day rose 2.73%, down 2.89% after hours to $ 94.27. Recently, Nike released the official statement, its multi-purpose outdoor series Nike ACG will soon return. ACG All Conditions Gear series full name is first introduced in the 1990s, it has focused on building all-weather equipment, supplemented by current popular fashion elements embellishment. In fact, the market has been fragmented ACG series single product launch, as used "return" of the term, the most important is the Nike also created a new Logo for the series. It is reported that the official will be December 18 officially released a new series of ACG. Nike ACG series on the inside of the collar with the number "1,2,3" Flag wearing order and according to use habit, the first "Chinese" clothing label use function, eliminating the conventional complicated instructions, you Nike Air Max 1 Womens can very easily understand the clothing various parts of the features, such as marking a key pattern pocket zipper will be placed keys, glasses marked pattern can place glasses. Nike ACG outdoor shoes except with special emphasis on the soles of the wear resistance and grip to cope with a variety of terrain changes, but also stressed lightweight shoes so as not to burden the foot. Nike ACG more special PU coating upper design, with water repellent features, sufficient to meet the outdoor sports rainy climate change. Today, the purchase of imported goods, more and more convenient. However, the purchase of these products fly it? Yesterday, the Zhejiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau released 2014 catalog import and export commodities external random situation, in which the sample through the network to buy imported goods all Nike Air Huarache Womens failed. The sampling 155 batches of imported goods, respectively, through market purchases of these commodities, port checks, business checks online purchasing and acquisition, spot checks found 67 batches of substandard goods. From the sampling results, the purchase of imported goods through the network, the larger the risk exists. Network later sampled 16 batches of imported goods, all failed, including 11 batches of "fashion uprising," the South Korean imports of clothing, mainly to excessive levels of formaldehyde and does not match the fiber content, logo substandard content. In this regard, inspection and quarantine departments proposed purchase of imported goods, preferably by "B2B2C" approach, ie domestic enterprises to purchase imported goods, and through its sales. "Such imported goods, we are under the supervision of inspection and quarantine departments, the risk is relatively low." Deputy Director of Zhejiang Inspection and Management Services, Zhang month that the United States, the net purchase of imported goods, whether purchasing, direct origin, are at risk. Today, e-commerce is increasingly common, network marketing products will be gradually standardized. It is understood, Zhejiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is currently pending, for the establishment of a national cross-border e-commerce product quality safety risk monitoring information point, once established, products, businesses and non-conformance of e-commerce platform will be published in the internet on. In addition, the sample of 67 batches of substandard imported goods origin to see, involving 22 countries and regions, including 22 production batches from South Korea, Italy, followed by 10 batches. Origin remaining substandard imported goods were China Taiwan, Romania, Pakistan and Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Japan. Zhejiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said the sampling of imported goods, mainly clothing products, 118 batches, 53 batches. Specific failed as follows: five batches of substandard color fastness, formaldehyde content exceeded 1 batch, fiber composition and content of 52 batches failed, identify missing or incorrect content. Director of the Office of Management Services Luojiang Hong said that in many spot checks of imported clothing there are actual component identification and detection of inconsistencies, "For example, we have a number of checks to imported clothing labels ingredient 10% cotton 90% spandex, actually only detected nylon, spandex and viscose fiber, there is no cotton ingredient. "Luo Commissioner said that the existence of such acts to deceive consumers suspect. Reporters Nike Free 5.0 Mens learned that, in the random failure of imported clothing products, there are many well-known brands, such as ARMANI JUNIOR a dress, D & G a dress, NIKE headband, ZARA is a pants, ADIDAS shorts, such as the one , fiber composition and content labeling are inconsistent with the actual testing; in addition, a durable label TOMMY dress a dress. there are no fabrics and materials components were identified, GUCCI of a men's knit shirt color fastness substandard , COLUMBIA a casual hat tag does not conform to standards.

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