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The main reason is there's some people distinguish right from wrong doings

MX: greatest achievement is really see how Americans live, have seen their living conditions feel their spirit. There is very fortunate to be able and like Alan Hardy, Eric Miller and a number of excellent designers and developers to work together to make the experience. Mentor, benefited! LEO: Is there some domestic harvest no shoes? I know that you do not care about other brands. MX: I think no country can not buy shoes, surprisingly only in the domestic market of the US side can not buy shoes. So I did not buy what no domestic shoes, may be some of the shoes sold cheaper than domestic spending it. (I'm more of a taboo nothing :)) LEO: In your opinion, the domestic Sneaker atmosphere and the United States different? MX: Sneaker culture is from the United States, and this culture is not formed in isolation, with many other aspects of culture influence each other, or a kind of symbiosis. As you take a slice of time to observe, you will find in the same era is a period of interaction of various state of affairs. The Sneaker culture can be said for the Americans in terms of the original ecology, and for us in terms like "grafting". So are the shoes on culture but really have a lot of different. Because we live in different cultural backgrounds, different cultures associated. LEO: As Sneakerhead Nike Roshe Run Flyknit you, what collection? MX: I said before, the standard measure of a Sneaker is not to say how much he must have a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes do not have to be as long as he was a Sneaker really love this, a lot of similar age to me now. there are well-known Sneakerhead who seem to have the same experience. In our school days almost can not afford one pair of NIKE or REEBOK shoes. I was home in Chaoyang Gate, there was REEBOK headquarters in Beijing near, Wangfujing Lisheng, Po-yuan East Fourth, the new and Asia. But even then I can not afford the trip to visit these places to look at shoes, did not dare to look at holding people because the money to buy afraid to ask "Do you want", I think so. Later, a little money can occasionally buy a pair, so many years you will feel that your wealth is not received many pairs of Nike Free 5.0 Mens shoes, but these shoes and you harvest the years spent together as well as those bits and pieces of the story, that is your collection. "What is love?" LEO: You as a designer of shoes and one shoe lovers will not feel the same? MX: The starting point is the same as are the "love" began, but the designer is a professional. So the advantages and disadvantages of it, can be completely self-interested, but not design. LEO: When did you enter the Li Ning? MX: 2001 Nian. (Regret it?) Unfortunately certainly, a lot, for example, those who did not have time to expire or simply forget to reimbursement bills:) LEO: You leave the Li Ning,Nike Air Max 90 Womens a lot of people told Ben phase, mostly expressed regret and bewilderment, You can talk about the reasons why you left? MX: The main reason is there's some people distinguish right from wrong doings standard of education received by the self-formed from the nursery and I seriously contrary to work with people who are just wasting my time, do not make any sense. Unfortunately I can not change this situation, so I chose to leave, at least for me to do some meaningful things. LEO: Li Ning, for these lemons, do you have anything to say? MX: I hope you continue to support the Li Ning, Li Ning himself, after all, whether it is or the brand are the pride of our nation! LEO: Lemon more concerned about your next plan, the future will continue to engage in shoe design? MX: it should be, but I would like to take some time off work before Nike Air Max 1 Womens me physically and mentally exhausted. LEO: for those who dream in the design, especially the design of shoes shoe fans, there is no any comments and suggestions? MX: Everyone should have a dream, because people are living in a material world is driven by the spirit. But often in people of color in the spiritual world of things in people's real world it is gray.

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