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He believes that shoes should seek to trace the source

He believes that shoes should seek to trace the source, should play its role and value as a basketball player core equipment in the dissemination of culture at the same time, reflecting the spirit and core values ??of competitive sport. Shoes and not be able to do too extravagant, commercial property is stronger than the spirit of sport, that went very wrong. In order to maintain the correct new product early heart, Jordan Brand back to the factory level, church workers how to Nike Air Max 90 Mens manufacture shoes in the traditional way, on the one hand to reduce the automated manufacturing sector, on the one hand by hand to ensure the quality of art. Science and technology to promote the progress of modern industry, but as a process of making shoes by hand can not be lost, David said that Jordan Brand will hand shoes into the production process is extremely important and sacred status, it will remain this way for the production of shoes . Due to rising material and labor costs, Remastered series shoes will be 10% to 15% price increase, the final price than existing products up to $ 20. This year's series Remastered fundamental concern and I have every pair of contacts, there are something like "Oreo" This foot on hot money, but also to pay tribute to the classic models like this French blue, but I personally most looking forward to or to be on sale this pair of Air Jordan X Chicago Remastered, this pair of shoes for every AJ enthusiasts have a special meaning and can not erase the wonderful, but this pair of engraved year will be very memorable "45" was embroidered on the upper the more so to see every kind of people can not suppress the excitement and trembling. Back in time to 1994, His Majesty the trapeze won the first three consecutive championships, but at the peak of this career choice quit basketball, then joined the Chicago White Sox baseball field ready to create another a legend. And his sponsor Nike sneakers are facing an unprecedented problem - they have lost the biggest cash cow, so they submit to Jordan to carry out a self-rescue plan. The reason why so much importance to Nike Jordan, Jordan's fate because it is closely related to them. 1985 is about to sign the verge of bankruptcy after a company spokesperson Nike, Nike's sales soared rookie Jordan, 1986 annual sales exceeded $ 1 billion, in 1990 was promoted to the world's sports goods industry leader, with annual sales of 40 1994 billion. Ten years down, 5% Air Jordan Nike product sales accounted for total sales. Air Jordan basketball shoes in the series "Big Brother", for Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Womens shoes, fans say, have a pair of Air Jordan name branded shoes word, even more attractive than owning a car. But when Jordan retired, AirJordan series then suffered a serious setback in the market, as evidenced from the crash Air Jordan IX sales. Nike boss know, Air Jordan series reason why there is so much magic, not because of the quality of Nike design itself, but has only been Jordan himself, if he return to the game, Air Jordan series is likely to be followed by recovery, but Jordan day will never leave the court, Air Jordan hard to have another "Jordan" to wear. To keep the Air Jordan series ace status in the market, it is necessary to transfer it to the King of Jordan, the deity, this way, even if he permanently retired, the brand in the market will still be competitive. So, Nike made a surprising move: the Air Jordan Nike Air Max 95 Mens brand peel Nike, transferred to Jordan. But, this is only the "Air Jordan" Switch "Jordan" to launch a brand new series, and the formal establishment of Jordan is the thing September 8, 1997 in the. The plan is long, but the first step Maide pretty solid and innovative, people suddenly turning their attention from a pair of shoes to Jordan this man had to admire Nike foresight. At the same time, Nike officially launched a highly memorable Air Jordan X, its simple and neat design, lightweight shoes, most notably, the sole described Jordan in the NBA court gallop decade record of brilliant record, Therefore, Air Jordan X is a pair of "honor boots." One listing will be popular, many Jordan fans have bought these shoes as a souvenir to Jordan collection. In the NBA, AirJordan X Bulls Pippen (Scottie Pippen) endorsement by the interim, there are other people in accordance with their respective teams while wearing a different color of the tenth generation, which is the prototype of the early Jordan Band. March 19, 1995, a low-key "I'm Back", shocked the entire NBA, alerted the world, just a few hours the news has spread around the country, he is the greatest player the Bulls - Jordan.

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