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Compared to the two companies, earlier in private customized Dongguan

Putian City, Fujian Province is the world's footwear brands OEM production base, its unique shoe technology and the advantages of industrial clusters benefit from Taiwan's industrial transfer. According to statistics, Putian shoe now has more than 4,000 enterprises, products are sold around the world. 2015, Putian City, more than 260 above-scale footwear Nike Air Max 90 Womens enterprises produced a total of more than 600 million pairs of shoes, the output value of about 60 billion yuan, an increase of about 9%.

2015 Putian Footwear exports before 2015, Putian, Fujian exported Tariff No. 6401 waterproof footwear 391.86 tons, valued at $ 1,179,900. 115,924.94 tons accounted for 0.4% of the national total waterproof footwear exports. 2015, Putian, Fujian exported rubber footwear Tariff No. 6402 70456.77 tons, worth $ 861 million. 2,296,643.59 tons accounted for 3% of the country's total exports of rubber footwear. Fujian Province, accounting for 17.92 percent of total exports of rubber footwear.

2015, Putian, Fujian exported leather footwear Tariff No. 6403 of 41,802.01 tons, worth $ 697 million. 598,288.71 tons accounted for 6.99% of the total country's leather footwear exports. Accounting for 37.31 Nike Air Max 95 Menspercent of total exports of leather footwear in Fujian Province.

2015, Putian, Fujian exported Tariff No. 6404 textile fabrics footwear 79721.34 tons, valued at $ 1.076 billion. 1,063,117.86 tons accounted for 7.5% of the total textile fabrics footwear export country. Accounting for 35.17 percent of total exports of textile materials footwear in Fujian Province.

Through the above data, we can see that, as a prefecture-level city of Putian footwear exports accounted for only one-third of Fujian footwear exports, the country also has a pivotal position, particularly in the textile fabric shoes boots and leather footwear, accounting for more than 7%. 2016 Putian Footwear exports 1, 2016 to March 1, Putian, Fujian exported Tariff No. 6401 of rubber or plastic outer soles and uppers of waterproof footwear 114.5 tons, valued at $ 353,000. Exports rose 12.1%. 2, 2016 to March 1, Putian, Fujian exported Tariff No. 6402 of rubber or plastic outer soles and other footwear uppers 17423.85 tons, worth $ 193 million. Exports fell 5.5%. 3, 2016 to March 1, Putian, Fujian exported tariff number outer rubber, plastics, leather or composition leather made 6403 a bottom, footwear leather shoe surface 8872.11 tons, worth $ 148 million. Exports fell 8.45 percent. 4, 2016 to March 1, Putian, Fujian exported Tariff No. 6404 of rubber, plastics, leather or composition leather outsole, textile materials footwear 19404.05 tons, worth $ 241 million. Exports fell 3.81 percent. Gabor conference shoe booth attracted many buyers. Footwear past do OEM, profits, and now high-end custom shoes become the way out.

Private custom, in recent years, a lot of shoe introduced a breakthrough in transition mode, can become a trend?

Known shoe "Sheng Qi" has just set up R & D departments to carry out private custom business, custom cycle will be shortened to 2-5 days, improving the user experience; and 20 years of OEM experience another local shoe "red elephant", by the end of 2014 establishment of an independent company, do O2O private custom; the other leading shoe "An Jiang" also has private customized services, customized to take advantage of enterprise traffic, driven by sales of conventional products.

Above all in the exploration mode, also occupy a certain market. But the US footwear industry, General Manager Jill Long believes that the future of customization should be standardized. On the basis of experience and large data values ??above, the introduction of standardized production, improve comfort shoes, while private consumption to high-end custom, too top, not everyone can do, everyone can consume.

Mass production of live, breaking private custom

OEM profits, consumption level, increasing demand for personalized, plus shoe technology upgrade, is to promote the development of custom market objective reasons; and subjective reason is determined to seek shoe breakthrough transformation, with its own private customized brand added value.

"In the past busy with mass production, mass production is now live, to use private custom breaking." Dongguan Qi Sheng Shoe Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Sheng Qi") private custom business owners Zhongxiang Zhou introduced, the factory has 20 years of footwear experience, owns its own brand Di Bao, targeting high-end market, "do not wish to follow the mainstream Volkswagen consumers, as well as shoes for people with special needs, such as feet feet are not the same. "

While another local shoe factory in Dongguan red like Intelligent Technology Co., by the end of 2014, also launched a private Nike Roshe Run Flyknit custom "red elephant" brand, the company responsible person Li Guangliang spend a lot of time to study the sole manufacturing process, trying to comfort sneakers and shoes elegance combined. Brand operations personnel Caiyong Wei introduced the company to do an independent brand, the amount of foot provide on-site service, the consumer an order, relying on the original factory custom shoes.

Compared to the two companies, earlier in private customized Dongguan City, strong shoe design Co., Ltd. (referred to as "strong safety shoe"), acquired in 1996 from the Italian brand and the creation of M ELI brand began. Mary Chen, chairman, said the brand was originally the main European markets, domestic consumers now account for 20% of private custom market.

Main business dress shoes, priced from a few thousand to tens of thousands
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These private custom shoe Dongguan local projects, more concentrated in the dress business shoes category. Zhongxiang Zhou analysis, the high cost of mold bottom casual shoes, we need to open the mold, and a mold is $ 10,000 and casual shoes process without too fine, the threshold is not so high, more participants. The dress business shoes soles feet cut by the master in accordance with higher added value, the company more experienced in this regard, the project better landing.

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