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Jewels by Faith

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I started making jewelry when I was young, I helped my mom make Native American jewelry with seed beads and sold them at Rendezvous and craft shows. It's also when I found my passion for natural gemstones and making jewelry with them. As I was growing up you see so many jewelry commercials for high end jewelry stores like the ones in the mall, showing of flawless gemstones and diamonds and pushing the more clear and flawless the better, also the more expensive.
Natural gemstones were not made flawless and their colors, patterns, inclusions and flaws make them unique and each type of gemstone unique. I don't believe that gemstones need to be flawless and perfect to be beautiful and worth wearing. Anyone with money can go into a jewelry store and buy a near or flawless gemstone and the next person can go in and buy the exact same thing. There is nothing unique about them at all.
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"Clasp my love around your neck, Wear my heart on your finger. My soul will be your pendant: I live to adorn you - You're the precious one. ~ Grey Livingston, Genuine Adoration. "
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