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Ohio Man Buys Genuine Signed Picasso Print At Thrift Store for $14

An Ohio man may have accidentally gotten the deal of a lifetime at a thrift store. Zach Bodish, an art enthusiast, paid $14.14 for what he thought was a framed poster reproduction of a famous Pablo Picasso print.

Bodish later discovered a small red signature at the bottom right of the print, and realized he may have an original Picasso print on his hands. He told the Columbus Dispatch that he "started shaking a little bit." So he did some research and found out that the signature is in the same place that Picasso signed his other original prints.

In 1958, Picasso was asked to create a poster for his 1958 ceramics exhibit in France, and the piece Bodish purchased is numbered 6 out of 100. So his piece is one of the earlier proofs that Picasso approved.

Art experts who have seen the print say the signature looks like the real deal, and could sell for $6,000 at an auction or double that if it were sold to a gallery. For now, Bodish says there is a good chance that he will sell the print.

People on Twitter are eager to go thrift-store shopping, hoping to be as lucky as Bodish and make a rare find.
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