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Artist Creates Indoor Clouds: Awesome or Insignificant?

Berndnaut Smilde is not your average artist. In fact, he's more of a mad scientist who creates clouds... indoors. The Dutch artist currently has his project installed in empty gallery spaces in Amsterdam, where he uses simple science to produce clouds from thin air. 

So how does he do it? Smilde makes sure the temperature and humidity of the space is perfect. Then, he uses a fog machine to spray a quick burst and produce a cloud in the middle of the room. It collapses pretty quickly and Smilde is usually only able to capture the "work of art" in photos. But that doesn't bother him too much. “I’m interested in the ephemeral aspect of the work,” Smilde says. “It’s there for a brief moment and then the cloud falls apart. It’s about the potential of the idea, but in the end it will never function.” We're glad he likes it, but we're not sure how we feel about these "indoor cloud" works of art. What do you think?

indoor cloud

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