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There is a lot you can pair with navy blue curtains

Navy blue is a darker shade of blue. The color can be paired with light colors, dark colors and also with metallic colors. This color can literally be played with in terms of home decor. A solid navy blue curtain in a white background or in a beige background stands out and offers that aesthetic appeal without even having to try hard. It can give both a contemporary and a modern outlook to the home.

Navy Blackout Curtains

Navy blue is also available in variants like light navy blue, indigo, Persian indigo and purple navy. Pairing it with the right color is all that takes to add that oomph factor to the home decor. Whether the navy blue curtains have stripes, patterns, embroidered designs or floral prints, they exert their effect on the overall look of the room.

If the navy blue curtains are meant for the living room, they can be paired with furnishings of metallic colors like silver or gold. They can also be teamed with lighter shades of blue. Neutrals like gray also go extremely well with navy blue. Amongst the bright colors, yellows, greens and bright reds sit well with navy blue and they are literally eye-candy. Using sheer navy blue curtains too can add to the home decor. Funky looking frames, floral printed throw pillows and patterned furniture too can be paired with the navy blue curtains.

Navy Blackout Curtains

Navy Blackout Curtains with bohemian prints on a white setup is all that is needed to liven up the place. In the case of bedrooms, teaming up the navy blue curtains with neutral colors like gray or white bedding can add a chic touch to the room. Beige and ivory are the other neutral colors which can be combined with navy blue. For the people looking for brighter colors, corals and pinks can also be paired with navy blue. A navy blue backdrop with navy blue and white layered curtain can be paired with a coral throw pillow can add a distinctive look to the room.

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