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Pay attention to modern net sheer curtains geomancy

Curtains being an essential part in home design process, modern net sheer curtain is one of them. Curtain hanging need to pay attention to its geomancy. How much do you know about geomancy? It is said that curtain hanging occasion is good or bad for our heath and emotion. So to be more clear about curtain geomancy, here are some knowledge for reference.

Effectively alleviate light and reduce noise

There are many noise reducing curtains in the market use to reduce the most unwanted noise. high buildings everywhere in the big city, there is building in front your home is commonly. And glassed window reflect lots of light is a big problem. So blackout curtain are necessary for home decoration, modern net sheer drape can effectively alleviate the light.

Teal French Style Best Peacock

Saving you from the sharp evil

Pay attention to curtain hanging geomancy can save you from the sharp evil problem for which might break your family by quarreling. Some people do not believe it for whom this is superstition. Believe or not, just keep in mind for prevention.

Third: wealth protection

Most we are ignoring the hallway wind that means wind blows from the outside into inside home and then goes out from the opening window. It is said this is bad luck for your wealth for wind blows all your money out. So a curtain hanging up in the front of the window can save your wealth from the losing.

All above are about curtain geomancy knowledge. Just pay attention to and have great application of your window treatment. The same to net sheer curtain even though there is a small room. Geomancy is very important to save you from some bad luck. And for your home pretty decoration.

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