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How to suitably use purple curtains

Seven colors collocation can make various effect and make people feel beautiful, especially in decoration, it has better effect. Curtains use collocate with different seven colors can make decoration refresh. Different color of curtains have different functions and effect, for example, red represent passion, red living room curtains can make people feel passionate, it suitable to use in living room. But in present curtains market, purple curtains are common. What is the meaning of purple curtains? Where is suitable to use purple curtains´╝č

Purple is made of red and blue, so it decides that purple can be warm color and cool color. It needs to be decided according to different proportion between red and blue collocation. Purple has strong sense of space, if you hang on purple bedroom curtains, it can make people feel mysterious. Purple also can show noble and rich feeling, it is popular for people to choose to decorate house.


Normally artists or cultural customer may choose purple curtains. This kind of people often is spoony, purple can show their feature. At the same time, they have acute outsight so that they can get inspiration through purple.

But when choose curtains, you should suitably decide according to furniture. You'd better not choose everything is purple, it will be boring.

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