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The Artist's Magazine April 2009 Annual Portrait Issue

Les Femmes
Working with pastel and colored pencil, David Wells paints formally composed portraits of his friends.
By Deborah Secor
Still Life as Metaphor
With breathtaking craft, Scott Fraser paints captivating arrangements of ordinary things.
By Louise B. Hafesh
Studio Tour
Jon R. Friedman built a studio a stone's throw from Edward Hopper's.
Edited by Christine McHugh
When Realism Isn't Real
Aaron Morgan Brown imagines uncanny juxtapositions. 
By Rick Stull
In Their Element
Alexandra Tyng paints portraits that place her subjects in context. 
By Louise B. Hafesh
The spotlight shines on oil pastels.
By Greg Albert
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ivanhoe162 | September 28th 2014 at 1411947042

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