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Sorry, I didn't tell you in advance about this!

I have finally got listed on eCrater over 1,000 cassette tapes and cd's!  Several months of hammering on the computer listing items, comparing prices,  and giving you the best deal.  By far, I am the lowest seller on the intenet both at retail and shipping costs.  While others charge $3.99 for an item, I am shipping around $2.69-$3.00 on most items.  

My cassette lot deals are the best!  You need to take a look here.  I have like 2-12 of your favorite artist for under $6.00.................and shipping is always low......

The bottom line is-If your not buying from me-Your probably paying to much!


Compare prices, please.


Being on Ebay for over 10 years, I always priced at the lowest.  I want to sell, not sit on inventory.

Everything is fixed prices.  


Take a look, best prices on the internet.  Dare to Compare!

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