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Organic Gardening Magazine February March 2013

Raising Potatoes, page 40
If you want bounteous yields for comparatively little effort, itís hard to top the potato. We tested seven ways to grow them, rating the pros and cons of each method.
By Doug Hall

Get Off the Grass, page 46
Keep the look of a lawn, but say goodbye to mowing, watering, and feeding. There are beautiful, drought-tolerant, easy-care turf alternatives for every region.
By Linda Lehmusvirta

Eggstatic!, page 52
Millions of backyard chickens have spoken: The humble egg is back, unmatched for versatility, nutrition, and flavor.
By Jeanne Ambrose

Out of the Office, page 60
Company vegetable gardens are becoming the latest workplace benefit, but one in British Columbia has been going strong for years. With tips on how to start a garden where you work.
By Arran Stephens

Thought Lines, page 6
Status update from the editor in chief.

Letters, page 10
What we are hearing from readers.

Design Like a Pro, page 20
Native plants belong in formal gardens, too.

Plant TNT, page 22
Fun, flamboyant fancy tulips.

Skills & Abilities, page 26
Pruning spring-flowering shrubs; weed control.

Simply Fresh, page 30
An heirloom lettuce with a fishy name.

Common Ground, page 34
Bart Ziegler on why organically grown ornamentals are so hard to find.

Flower Power, page 38
Grow your own organic wedding flowers.

Pay Dirt, page 64
Double-digging is hard work. Anne Marie Van Nest examines whether the payoff is worth it.

Ask Organic Gardening, page 70
Hardening off, cooked compost, and more.

Good Bug, Bad Bug, page 76
Mosquitoes are public enemy number one.

Earth Matters, page 78
The fruits of our labor taste sweeter, tannins in soil, asparagus water wars, and more.

Garden Craft, page 84
Matthew Benson explores how the camera can capture a gardenís magic.

We Like This!, page 88
Trellises and supports send the garden skyward.

Find It Here, page 90

Maria's Farm County Kitchen, page 96

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