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May-June 2013 Dance Studio Life

Dance Studio Life, a magazine with a back-to-basics approach, is a division of the Rhee Gold Company, whose mission is to be at the forefront of dance and education by promoting the highest possible standards in teaching. Dance Studio Life understands the soul of the teaching field.

Ask Rhee Gold Advice for dance teachers
2 Tips for Ballet Teachers | Weight and Balance By David Arce
2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Dressing the Part By Geo Hubela
2 Tips for Modern Teachers | Spine Flexibility By Bill Evans
2 Tips for Tap Teachers | Adding and Enhancing Sounds By Gregg Russell
A Better You | Perk Up With Perfect Posture By Suzanne Martin, PT, DPT
EditorSpeak By Karen White and Lisa Okuhn
FYI What’s Up In the dance community
On My Mind | Words from the Publisher By Rhee Gold

Classroom Connection By Carol Crawford Smith and Kerry Ring
Ideas to incorporate into your curriculum
Mail Words from our readers
Mindful Marketing | Guerrilla Stategies By Julia Holt Lucia
Teacher in the Spotlight | Diane Moore Abraham and Susan Moore Edson
Teachers who make a difference 
Thinking Out Loud | Miracle Girl By Sara Brown

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