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Publisher: Unknown (1991)
Language: Chinese
ISBN-10: 7506549220
ISBN-13: 978-7506549226

The book was originally called "Army Commander war memoirs" (1941-1945), author of the Soviet Marshal Konev (1897-1973) was a famous Soviet military commander, the Soviet Union in May 1945 victory over France and Germany's 10 Army commander of the one. 
During the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union, Konev has served as the Western Army, Kalinin Front, Northern Army, Army prairie, Ukraine and Ukrainian First Army Second Army commander. Command teams to participate Smolenskin g war, the Battle of Moscow, Kursk Battle of grams, the Dnieper battle. The liberation of Berlin and a series of major battles, made a brilliant victory, won two "Lotus United hero" title, is looking defeated France and Germany made a significant contribution. 
This book is Konev's war memoirs, the book vividly describes Konev real battle during the course of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union, both suffering defeat early in the war and hardship test. Another critical period of slow long and tortuous fundamental turning point leading to victory. Translation is based on the new translation of the book in 2000, compared with the 1980s translations of publication, the increase in 1941 and 1942 memories of content, the content of 1943 - 1945 were also additions and deletions, and lifetime income Konev Stalin unpublished account of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet leadership evaluation. Make the book again a Soviet Red Army commanders and soldiers to defend the brave and indomitable fighting spirit of the motherland, reflecting Konev is a unique and creative thinking commanders, has superb command of the arts, the study of understanding of the Second World War History has a high reference value. 
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