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January/February 2010 - Archaeology Magazine

Table of Contents Volume 63 Number 1, January/February 2010



(Cover Photo: Courtesy Steve Bourget)

Top 10 Discoveries of 2009


ARCHAEOLOGY's editors reveal the year's most compelling stories


Stone Age India

Does evidence buried by a super-volcano redraw the map of human migration? 

by Samir S. Patel


Turkish Delights

Byzantine mosaics revealed

by Marco Merola


Trophy Skulls and Beer

Unearthing the source of an Andean empire's power

by Andrew Curry


Online Feature:

Digging at Peru's Cerro Mejía: A small Wari settlement with a big imperial surprise

First Minoan Shipwreck

An unprecedented find off the coast of Crete

by Eti Bonn-Muller




From the President

Recognizing Excellence

The AIA establishes a new award for popular books

by C. Brian Rose


In This Issue

India's Deep Past

by Peter A. Young



Coping with leprosy in Hawaii, the Navajo-Alaska connection, and a Maya Stimulus Plan


From the Trenches

Ardipithecus walks into history, wooden models of ancient Egypt, love goddess cache, Bluestonehenge, spying on the Ottoman Empire, the oldest submerged city, minesweepers in Afghanistan, Copper Age Europe, Nazca ecocide, Caribbean coffee plantation, the first fibers, and going Goth in Gloucester


Conversation full text Full text!

A Malagasy archaeologist talks about the connections between rituals at Stonehenge and ancestor worship in Madagascar



The controversy surrounding a remote Bronze Age settlement in Iran that may have been part of the world's first globalized economy

by Andrew Lawler



Defaced coins tell the story of the final Jewish rebellion against Roman rule


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January/February 2010 - Archaeology Magazine


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