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Guitar Player - Holiday 2011 Eddie Van Halen

We pick the brains of the guys behind the guy to find out how the EVH brand was built, with insight into the 5150 III, the entire Wolfgang line, and aninteresting way to “crash test” an amplifier. Bonus! Mr. EVH chimes in on what he looks for in gear!

Ten Things You GottaDo to Play Like …Jimmy Herring
Jake Hertzog gives you a bunch of ways to play better jazz now.

-Ampeg GVT5-110,GVT15H, and GVT52-112
-G&L Korina Collection ASAT Classic Bluesboy, Deluxe II, and Junior II
-Yamaha A3M and A1R acoustic-electrics
-Stompbox Fever Jack Deville Mod Zero

Plus Re-Amping with DAWs

and much more! 
minor wear, gently read
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Guitar Player - Holiday 2011 Eddie Van Halen

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ivanhoe162 | July 30th 2015 at 1438260328

I am at fleamasters, Fort Myers in the music pavilion of the east parking lot booth #6 Tons of sheet music and songbooks, dvd, cd, books and craft magazine back issues. Stop by and "Give me Five" Most items 2/4/5-3/4/5 Books priced lower than amazon.

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