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Table of Contents Letter from the Editor by Maureen James Finding ways to support your local glass art retailer is important to keeping the glass industry alive and well. Osprey Design by Robert Oddy A 24" x 18-3/4" copper foil free-form plated panel. This advanced project shows an osprey in flight. Tips are offered for using templates to shape the back layer pieces of the plated sections. Copper foil overlay is used to add detail and realism to the bird’s feathers, and the eye is created with an amber glass bead and paint. This project is constructed using the copper foil technique. Sparkling Birdbath Design by Brenda Griffith A 16"-diameter fused and slumped birdbath made from scrap glass that is crushed into frit. Faux-stringer designs are added with the use of black paint. Tips are also offered for selecting glass that is tested compatible for fusing, determining firing schedules, and preparing a kiln shelf. Turning Photos into Stained Glass Projects by Barry Z. Masser A discussion of ways that photos can inspire stained glass art. Tips for turning old photographic subjects into art glass panels are offered along with things to consider when trying to determine which photos make good candidates for construction in stained glass. Fused Mosaic-Style Sconce Design by Carol Giffen A 4" x 4" grouted wall sconce with circular nipped-glass center design. Arcs of glass come together to form the circular glass frame around the mosaic center. Techniques for finding the center of glass pieces when cutting are offered. The grout for this project is made using fusing glue and glass powder. Classic Transom—An Introduction to Leaded Glass Design by Alan Toy A 15" x 36" beginner leaded glass panel with bevel-cluster center design. Instructions are offered for using Streuter’s No Days Glaze for sealing the glass to the lead came, but the traditional sealing method is also discussed. Extensive construction tips are offered for this beginner project. Welcoming the Spring Candleholder Design by Alan Toy A fused and draped candleholder decorated with colored frit made using a 7" circular base. The floral decorations are added using colored frit. Tips are included for ways to handle the frit when creating the designs, and firing schedules are included for fusing and slumping the project. Quick and Easy Designs by Marianne Crivellaro Twenty-four beginner to intermediate suncatchers and small panels featuring birds, bears, flowers, butterflies, geometric, spring, and Easter designs. This collection is perfect for one-day or weekend projects and offers a wide variety of designs that are perfect for gift giving. The projects are constructed using the copper foil technique. 16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section Full-Size Bonus Patterns Pattern Rod Tableware Design by Terry Armstrong Hamra Fused and slumped dishes decorated with rows of glass rods. Colored rods are placed side by side and then fused together and sliced with a glass saw to create the striped sections that are used to decorate the dishes. Firing and slumping schedules are included. Take Your Pick—Making a Penholder or Soap Dish Design by Petra Kaiser A fused penholder or soap dish made with colored glass rods and Kaiser Lee Board molds. The rods used for this project are 90 COE, but alternate instructions are given for creating the project using 96 COE rods. Tips are offered for using aloe vera as a fusing glue and for setting up an efficient fusing workstation. No Days Mosaic Adhesive Coaster Design by Alan Toy A 4" x 4" mosaic coaster created from scrap glass, window glass, and a dichroic accent. The geometric design is reminiscent of a quilt block. Construction is made easier with the use of Streuter’s No Days Mosaic Adhesive and a heat gun. Tile grout and optional grout sealer are used to finish the coaster. Splendor in the Glass—Finding Beauty in Simple Designs Design by Holly Stedman A 12" x 23-1/2" contemporary leaded panel. A 2" bevel is used to add interest to the project. Things that need to be considered when creating designs for panels are discussed, and extensive tips are presented for help in organizing an efficient space for working with stained glass. Tropical Reflections from Fantasy Island by Gina Hubler Working with a family to create a custom mosaic design. The steps that were taken when designing the custom glass mosaic for the family’s pool area are discussed, including suggested sources for design inspiration and gathering feedback from the family. Mood Lamp Design by Martin Gill A fused and slumped multicolored standing lamp lens and base. Templates are used for cutting the wavy, colored strips of glass that are fused and slumped together to form the design of the lens. Circular pieces are also cut, assembled, and fused to form the base that holds up the lens. A diamond drill bit is used for creating the hole for the electrical fitting, and marbles are glued to the base to form the lamp’s feet.
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