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Fine Woodworking Magazine March/April 1985 No. 51

Fine Woodworking Mar./April. 1985, No. 51 at for only $1.99
THEME: THE FURNITURE OF RHULMANN Editor - Peter Bertorelli AUTHORS (TITLES) -- A. U. Chastain-Chapman (Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann - 20th Century master rediscovered), (Methods for jointer thicknessing, patching veneer, and the jigsaw blower), Nick Monjardo (Restoring Ruhlmann furniture), Robert March (Flip-Flop Table), Bill Stankus (Testing Wood Chisels), John Leeke (Hollow-chisel mortising - strategies for boring accurate square holes), Jon W. Arno (Working with ash wood for cabinetwork), Simon Watts (Make a bowsaw in your shop tailored in size to suit the job), Charles Roche (Japanese lacquer, Urushi, traditional thousand-coat finish), Roger Holmes (How to build and fit the basic drawer), Brad Walters (How to bandsaw your own veneer), Nancy Bolstad (Sculptural inlay - 3-dimensional images in wood), Larry Kellam (Making a panel saw), Rick Williams (Sliding table), Jim Cummins (Critique of kit furniture)

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ivanhoe162 | September 8th 2014 at 1410184802

Expert advice on woodworking and furniture making
ivanhoe162 | September 28th 2014 at 1411948425

Ecrater is the ebay alternative, find lower prices ........magazine back issues.

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