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Find "When Marguerite's Angel Spoke" by Lynette Sauriol Baumann

Do angels exist? They most certainly do! How could Marguerite learn to believe in her angels when her dear Grandma Irene was so ill? But it was through her Grandma Irene that Marguerite would come to appreciate her angels' unwavering guidance and inspiration in her life. And when her grandmother passes away, Marguerite discovers a truth about the world on the Other Side... the world in which her grandmother now resided. But what of the scientific evidence supporting the notion of "survival of consciousness" after death? Does it exist? Absolutely! After Marguerite's grandmother (my mother) passed away, we could neither explain nor ignore the unusual events taking place - events leading us to understand something more significant was taking place beyond the event of her death. Could it be that Mom's spirit had not only survived death, but also that she was able to bridge the barrier between our two worlds and find a way to communicate with us? The answer seemed to be a resounding YES! But, why weren't we expecting this? Why were we surprised by these events? Eventually, these answers, as well as answers to some of our other big' questions, were revealed to us.

Category Mind, Body, Spirit
ISBN-13 9781425704193
Height 0.7
Width 15
Thickness 22.5
By (Author) Lynette Sauriol Baumann, signed
Publisher Name Xlibris Corporation
Product Form Paperback
Original Language English
ISBN-10 1425704190
Total Numbered Pages 116

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