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BeadStyle September 2010 (Vol. 8, Issue 5)

BeadStyle September 2010 (Vol. 8, Issue 5)
BeadStyle September 2010 (Vol. 8, Issue 5) $2.99
Bib in bloom
By Naomi Fujimoto
Chain and metal flowers
pg. 32 

Unearthed elements
By Gretchen McHale
Combine rugged art beads and metallic nuggets for an ancient aesthetic
pg. 36 

Grow your own earring collection
By Lori Anderson
String lucite flowers and leaves for no-fail earrings
pg. 39 

Weave a bloom-and-lattice bracelet
By Heidi Bowen
Try this sweetly sophisticated spin on a daisy chain
pg. 42 

Time-traveling trendsetter
By Angela Bannatyne
String a vintage look that captures today's fashion
pg. 47 

Color workshop 1
By Cathy Jakicic
Complementary colors
pg. 49 

Fall for flowers
By Naomi Fujimoto
Make the flower trend work any time of year
pg. 50 

Strike a stylish cord
By Irina Miech
Creative finishing gives necklaces extra charm
pg. 54 

Accessorize with applique
By Linda Gunderman
Getting the look of handmade is easy if you the notions
pg. 58 

Random acts of style
By Jenny Van
Say goodbye to methodical and hello to messy
pg. 62 

Dream sequins
By Suzanne Branca
Link vintage sparklers for a retro look
pg. 64 

Sew a flower necklace
By Aga Wyzlic
Wielding a needle and thread has never been easier or more fashionable
pg. 66 

Connect coppery components
By Kerri Fuhr
Combine tones of copper, bronze, and lavender in a multitextured necklace and bracelet

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