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Bead Style Magazine January 2010 Special Pull-Out: All About Glass Bonus

Bead Style Magazine January 2010 Special Pull-Out: All About Glass Bonus
Bead Style Magazine January 2010 Special Pull-Out: All About Glass Bonus $1.99
The broad appeal of nuggets 
Get multiple pieces of jewelry from one strand of giant beads 
By Jane Konkel 

In the chips 
Extra-long strands make one-strand sets a breeze 
By Cathy Jakicic 

Stretch a short strand 
A shortsighted purchase becomes a lesson in resourcefulness 
By Jane Konkel 

A corner on style 
A single strand of diagonally drilled squares makes an edgy set 
By Linda Aspenson Bergstrom 

Asymmetrical accents 
Green garnets take center stage in an earthy set 
By Naomi Fujimoto 

Octahedron necklace 
String beads you wove yourself in a simply elegant collar 
By Cathy Jakicic 

Crystal frame lariat 
A sparkling lariat requires only two kinds of crystals 
By Catherine Hodge 

What are trade beads? 
Understanding the origin of African beads allows you to appreciate this jewelry even more 
By Jane Konkel 

Metallic multistrand 
Stagger segments of seed beads in a dimensional necklace 
By Irina Miech 

Simply sweet 
Top-drilled bicones give a rock candy bracelet a lush look 
By Linda Arline Hartung 

Twice as nice 
Wire-wrap chain and ribbon for a versatile necklace or bracelet 
By Ute Bernsen 

Fan earrings 
Chain earrings are gorgeous and gratifying 
By Jessica Tiemens 

Say it with style 
Scrapbooking embellishments make unexpected beading components 
By Monica Han 

Bakery bracelet 
Try this sweet jewelry treat 
By Toni Plastino 

Striking structure 
Crystal components sparkle in Art Deco statement pieces 
By Cathy Jakicic 

A night to sparkle 
Assemble a variety of crystals in a brilliant necklace and earrings 
By Jenny Van 

Winter gemstone necklace 
Gunmetal chain brings out the moody hues of a seasonal set 
By Stacy Hillmer 

Making bail 
Escape from traditional bails with free-form wirework 
By Alaina Burnett

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