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Amtrak's X2000 Demonstration (VHS video)

Amtrak's search for new equipment to serve the Northeast Corridor created an opportunity for ABB-Traction to demonstrate its futuristic X2000 trainset. The sleek, high-speed train amazed everyone from Amtrak's engineering department to the riding public with its looks, speed, and its ride.

In cooperation with ABB-Traction, the Swedish State Railway, and the Federal Railroad Administration, Amtrak initiated testing of the X2000 in December, 1992, after modification for use on U.S. rails. By February, 1993, the X2000 began scheduled revenue service, running from Washington, D.C., to New York City, and occasionally on to New Haven, CT, and back.

Pentrex takes you aboard the train for a close-up look at the remarkable technology at work in the X2000. Amtrak's manager of performance and tests explains how the X2000's radial, self-steering trucks, car body tilt functions, and regenerative braking systems operate.

Climb into the cab of the X2000 as we zip down the corridor at an incredible 135 MPH. You'll see passengers walking, writing, and eating comfortably in the spacious cars, experiencing the smoothest and quietest rides at maximum speeds. Then we go trackside and airborne for shots of the train racing through the countryside.

The speed and comfort of the X2000 are results of its advanced engineering. Take a ride into the future as Amtrak and ABB-Traction show off this impressive trainset. Pentrex is pleased to bring you Amtrak's X2000 Demonstration.

30 Minutes
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