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Air & Space Magazine: May 2014

Air & Space Magazine: May 2014
Air & Space Magazine: May 2014 $2.49

The Spacewalk That Almost Killed Him

How Luca Parmitano survived the scariest wardrobe malfunction in NASA history.
By Tony Reichhardt
Cops and Robots

Law enforcement prepares for its newest rookies: drones.
By Mark Betancourt
Slow Boat to Space

A little company dreams of replacing rocket power with buoyancy.
By Mark Karpel
Comet Chaser

A European spacecraft is about to make history’s first landing on a comet.
By Guy Gugliotta
Solo Around the World

Twenty-seven years after Amelia Earhart tried, Geraldine Mock did it.
By Amy Saunders
Old, Bold Pilots

In Oceanside, California, there are 300 of them. And oh, the stories they tell.
By Stephen Joiner
Q: What Fighter Pilot Used Gum on His Windscreen as a Gunsight?

The answer* is in a new Air & Space trivia book, guaranteed to win your bar bets.
The Puzzle of Vertical Takeoff

Followed by the failure of vertical landing.
By Chad Slattery
The Most Talented Aviation Pioneer You’ve Never Heard of

Starling Burgess beat the Wright brothers at their own game.
By Paul Glenshaw

The Great Pacific Roller Coaster Ride

My flight through a Pacific thunderstorm in 1945.
By Robert L. Wieman
When Failure Was an Option

When Reagan fired air traffic controllers in 1981, replacements had to be found. Not everyone who tried out made the cut.
By Roger Curtiss

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