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A Voice in the Dark by Ralph J. Marciano (2008, Paperback)

Format: Paperback

ISBN-10: 0974983683

ISBN-13: 9780974983684

Publisher: Faithful Life Publishers172 pages

Language: English

A Voice in the Dark is the fiction story of Sarah Trusdale--a girl who from a very young age knew pain and suffering at the hands of those closest to her. This is her journey from torment and hatred to inner healing through forgiveness. This book was written to be a comfort to those who have experienced abuse like Sarah. Read her story--it is not unique. You may harbor unspeakable secrets resulting in anger and hatred. There is hope and help for your life. Seek professional, Christian help--but never forget the ultimate help comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. "As Sarah sat on the front porch of their century old log cabin, she thought of all she had been through since she was a small child of six years old. Her father was the minister of the local church and had made demands of Sarah that shouldn't have been made of any human being. He was a dignified and stately man who walked around the town with his head held high and with an aura about him of truly living a righteous life. Little did anyone know of the deep dark life he really lived and the heartache he caused those around him, especially little Sarah."

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