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Thanks-giving & The Gimmee Season

Hanh!  I'm not a big fan of Christmas.  First, it's not my spiritual way. There's way too much abuse associated with missionary crap, to my People & every other.  Sort of, "support our way or we'll kill you." - & then they talk about a loving god.  Riiight.  Second, my many times grandfathers were hanged at "Mankato" the day after Xmas in 1862, & then the state of MN 'banned' Ndns from it - proudly.  Says, "the celebration of love is over, let's get back to bigotry & hanging Ndns".  Third, of recent years, "The Gimme Season" starts before the people have thanked The Great Holy for the year's bounty - thus actually saying, "Grateful?  Whazzat?!?  Just gimme more."

  I love Yule; the celebration of the light returning, the turning of the wheel of the year & its reminder that the cold, grey, damp, sometimes snowy / icy days that...  Read More

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