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Truly Black Humor

Hanh!  Got an email from a lady in NC/SC area today relating a story that is black humor, to us here. 

  She went some distance from her home to pick up some dogs from a rescue shelter.  She used the restroom there, & left her running zapper (with it's blinking LED....) in the restroom.  A couple of hours later, when she realized she didn't have it, she called the pet shelter to tell them she would send postage so they could return her zapper.

  They told her that in the meantime, someone had gone to use the restroom & saw the zapper light blinking, so called the police, 'thinking' it was an IED.  (!QQ!)

  The responding officer couldn't figure out what it might be, so he called....  the bomb squad.  They collected it, looked inside, xrayed it, tested it various ways....  and figured out it is not any kind of 'bomb device'.

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