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Duwahleh! 2016 Already?!?

Hanh! Hello! I know - it's been awhile.  OK, a long while.

Have been: developing 2 new versions of our electronic pain / parasite killer commonly called "a zapper".
  There's the Revitalizer, which looks just like the original Basic zapper on the outside, but has a neodymium magnet inside the case at each terminal, for the added power of magnetic healing.
  Then there's The Annihilator, which is built on the original Basic Zapper but which as 4 terminals on 2 sets of 3-foot-long leads, with a neodymium magnet in each terminal, so you can put the power of this electromagnetic treatment method right where you want it, while the Little Black Box is somewhere else - more convenient - on your body.

  Have also been: battling a collection of crooks who have been depriving people of their civil rights under color of law - a federal felony...  Read More

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