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amazon vs successful complaining

Hanh!  I have heard from several Postal Inspectors about the complaint - which is unusual, I understand.  Seems they often don't talk to the complainants.  Whatever the reason, one thing about Indian Maid's complaint they really like is that we keep usable data.  Most people don't keep their emails, which have dates and times and such - which should obviously be important to attorneys and courts.  So - if you want to be a successful complainant, it's obvious you need to keep your emails!  Preferably in a folder of their own and it's a good idea to keep them both in your email account and downloaded to a flash drive you store someplace safe.  And....

  By the same token, if you use the phone (I strive to avoid the phone because of lack of written proof of who said what!) , keep the record of the call in the phone unless you know how to download from your phone to that flash drive.  That record gives date and time.  Trust me, the opposition keeps a record..  And if, like, it lies and is arrogant & dismissive, it will certainly lie about the details, so with the phone you at least can prove you called.  The other side has been known to dump all records that pertain to your side of the argument.. 

  Food for thought.

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