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amazon vs Amazon

  The latest salvo from the idiots in "Seller Help" at Amazon is that because we don't get a signature for proof of delivery, we can't prove the package was delivered - despite the fact that we have proof of delivery from the Delivery Confirmation #. 

  Remember, Amazon emailed us that it is their policy to never take the Sellers word for anything - or the USPS; therefore, why would they not take the position that the Signature was forged, as well?  This bit of B.S. is 10-0ing; it is a case of "always tails we win, heads you lose".  I'm sure glad we're not as stupid as they believe we are!

  When they emailed the above bit of idiocy, I replied, 'If we Sellers required signatures for proof of delivery, no one would afford our products, and fewer could afford them.  The USPS is an agency of the federal government.  They have no reason to lie. Do you want us to hand-deliver every package all over the world?  It's not going to happen.  Amazon "strongly recommends" that we Sellers always get Delivery Confirmation so we have proof of delivery, and Indian Maid was getting Delivery Confirmation on every order long before Amazon began "strongly recommending" that all Sellers do so.  There's a huge contradiction in your argument.  You are in the wrong & we will see you in court.  We hope you enjoy dealing with the Postal Inspectors - who have a complaint from us about Amazon and this customer who is apparently trying to commit fraud & who Amazon is aiding to do it."

  Takoszja (grandchildren), when I first took this to our Post Master in July, his first thought was, "your customer appears to be trying to commit fraud" & he gave me the Postal Inspector Fraud Division phone number.  He has been a ranking supervisor for a long time.  Now we believe he is right.
  When I told him the latest, today, he chuckled.  Then he took down the information I gave him, went to the USPS web site & got some more, & passed it on to the Postal Inspectors.  And thanked me for the laugh.  He said, "Amazon is going to get a good swift kick in the shins from this."  I replied, "I certainly hope so".  Have a great day, all!  And feel free to pass the word on this.  The only way a reign of terror/abuse can continue is if it's kept quiet. Boycotting Amazon, especially if you tell them why, will eventually make a great difference in how they operate, especially regarding those who sell on Amazon.

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