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The White Rabbit!

Hanh mitakuyapi!  The ND Legislative Session is on, now, and since Inauguration Day I'm convinced I've seen the White Rabbit whiz by several times.  On its way to the mirror, no doubt.  I've thought at times I might have to consider changing my name to Alice, but so far, I've managed to avoid serious contemplation of the issue.

  For example, on Inauguration Day, even knowing that the current governor & his wife, Jack & Betsy Dalrymple, are N-N-N-Nervous about me ("because you have Such Big Enemies, Carel!; and we have to think of Jack's political career!", according to Betsy)...  when I got up to the Line, it was easy to see that both Jack & Betsy had been thinking hard how to greet me.

  Jack sucked a big breath, smiled a Winning Smile, & stuck out his hand & greeted me warmly (this time.  Remember, back in 2005, when he was still the Lt. Gov., he put his hands in his pockets & took a step back.)  We exchanged pleasantries & I went on to Betsy. 

  Betsy had her face twisted up & she was obviously 'grinding gears' at a great rate.  Finally, she sucked in a big breath, stuck out her hand, & said brightly, "Hi!  I'm Betsy!"  I couldn't resist...  I said, "Yes.  I know.  Good to see you."  She blushed.  Jack bit his lip.  Isn't it amazing that someone he has described as "nothing; nobody; she has no money, no votes, no power" can have such impact?  I think so too.  (Chuckle....)

  Then there's a Legislator (also on the Republican side) who has avoided me for years.  He came up, pumped my hand, & made a Big Show of greeting me.  Good thing I have a really good poker face..

  There's more, but you get the idea.  There's a new power structure on the Republican side & it appears friendlier than the old one.  Maybe it has something to do with Jack having inherited the governor's chair, so he's on a different side of the fence, now, and it's harder for him to pull off financial dirty tricks?  Maybe it's just an appearance.  We all know how deceiving those can be.  And this is the world of illusion, after all..

  Meanwhile, I'm keeping an eye out for that White Rabbit & the Mirror.  As my grandmothers used to say, "If you prepare for eventualities & they don't occur, it's good training anyway".  Wish you great good happy healthy success!

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Bunny | February 26th 2013 at 1361925090

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Controversial Carel | February 27th 2013 at 1361995734

Nice avatar!

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