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The Pimp, Hookers, & Johns Business Model of

    Think about it - Amazon says it has a policy to never take the Sellers word for anything - or the USPS' word, including for Delivery Confirmation, which is electronically scanned by an employee of a federal agency - but it "always" sides with the Buyers, and sees them as "always truthful".  Therefore, Amazon sees itself as a Pimp, and the Sellers as hookers, and the Buyers as johns.  That's bullying.  That's shameful.  And it's a huge error on Amazon's part, because Sellers also are Buyers.

  How can Amazon take the view that when we Sell we are 'always' liars, but when we Buy, we are 'always' truthful?  Not possible!  Not logical!  

  There's ample proof that Amazon is aiding the Buyer in this to commit mail fraud.  Amazon says we are lying; but we have public record data to back up our position.  Not to mention, we don't lie as a general rule, anyway.  

  Amazon should be ashamed of itself for treating its Sellers in such shabby fashion.  Sales sites have a responsibility to provide safe selling platforms & environments for its Sellers as much as safe buying environments for Buyers.  It's simply the proper way to behave.

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